Figments of Affordable Mysticism

Accessible occult technologies and other instruments of everyday resistance to reductionisms and dualisms of our time.

Bearing echoes of FoAM’s first manifestation as the Foundation of Affordable Mysticism

Stygian Hand by Auriea Harvey. The hand of a grotesque cthonic elder ossified to stone, holding a petrified eyeball. HTML Artwork with 3D Sculpture.

The world we see with our eyes is just a reflection of a reality that we cannot quite grasp

Auriea Harvey

Here, a floating, looking-glass world – an accomplice on this inward journey of to the centre of the minds eye. A World Replete

Where every thought, every action, no matter how dark or difficult, luminous or frivolous, has the potential to reanimate, to drive change. Re-enchanting the Present

Eyes in the place of eyes, ears in the place of ears, tongues tasting chemical gradients across a fungal network of thread-like cells. Approaching the Inexplicable

Spells travel – outward and around – but they begin (and exist) inside ourselves, from the time that they are cast until such time as we re-cast or dispel them. Spell Kit for Navigating Uncertainty

Turn over a sliver, read it aloud, and return it to the pattern, face up. Repeat until each word is visible, then incant the lines in reverse order.Hexecutable

Passages, liminal spaces, something predictable or totally unknown. They manifest when you need to slow down and change direction, or pick between possibilities. Tread carefully. Portals

Watch for liminal disturbances, barely audible crumblings, hinting at a perpetually wavering restlessness. Panpsychist Propositions

With an ear to the ground, tracking stories and sayings about the weather in times of change. Inclement conditions. Weatherlore

Glimpses of the mythical amid the mundane. Otherworlds Oozing