Hexecutable # query sibylline

Francesca da Rimini

Sibylline foresight from shuffled book-slivers.

Created through iterative generative processes, this text imagines visions from three of antiquity’s sibyls — Persia, Libica, and Delphica.

Christine de Pizan (1365–1429), prolific medieval poet, letter writer, and advocate for women’s intellectual abilities (“freer and sharper whenever they apply themselves”), describes the ten sibyls as having received (from God) “such a profound and advanced prophecy that what they said did not seem to be prognostications of the future but rather chronicles of past events which had already taken place, so clear and intelligible were their pronouncements and writings.”


Delphica I am moved by a light that is formed in heaven
Libica I hear the comet song of my own body

there is a sense in which we are always awake

and always have been

Libica history is our present moment

continuous and endless

it cannot be named

it returns to its state of nothingness

Delphica thus it can be called the shape of the shapeless



someone will remember us

we say

even in another time


Libica a sudden roar
Persia the insubstantial can penetrate even where there is no opening
Delphica new compact dimensions
rolled up into tiny scrolls with immeasurable diameters
Persia curled up into the form of a giant shape that curves back in on itself
far on the other side of the universe
Libica endless varieties of name and form
Delphica sentient subsystems

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Libica every moment a new song comes out of the fire

out through the cornea it flies

into the bowl of the sky


on to an icy spoke

to a wheeling flight of birds

Libica now is the time of struggle
Persia the transition must be completed

shock brings success

shock comes—oh, oh!

laughing words—ha, ha!

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