Wabi-sabi: Weathering Transience


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Editors: Maja Kuzmanović, Nik Gaffney, Justin Pickard, Theun Karelse and Maya Weeks

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Contributors: Maja Kuzmanović, Nik Gaffney, Jo Vernaillen, Alkan Chipperfield, Justin Pickard, Timothy Morton, Anna Maria Orrù, Theun Karelse, Rachid Tahri, Cocky Eek, Stevie Wishart, Francesca da Rimini, Paul Prudence, Martin Howse, Cat Jones, Ingrid Vranken, Rasa Alksnyte, Sarah Neville & Family, Stephen Barrass, Barbara Raes.

Created within a tangle of FLOSS using Apache, Emacs, Etherpad, Gimp, Inkscape, Jitsi, LibreOffice, Mattermost, Nextcloud, Pandoc, Python, Scribus, Soupault, Zotero (etc) and held together with spare unicode.

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With thanks to the FoAM network, and all the animate, inanimate and partially animate contributors who have knowingly or unknowingly been involved in the design and production of the Anarchive. This publication would not have been possible without you.