Rasa Alksnyte

Crossing thresholds with the care they deserve.

Including images of the installation Anything but the weevil for the 2021 landscape art festival Kunst & Zwalm, and edited notes from A Gathering of Ghosts, Rooted Hauntology Lab – Séance #2, exploring experiences outside of linear time.

Portals are for entering and exiting. How peaceful and innocent this sounds. You come in you get out. From one state of beingpuffanother state of being. From one experience of time to another.

But what if you get stuck in the portal? Can this insignificant passage become unfriendly, even violent?

What if a portal is itself a sentient being? How can you make a portal like you? Always carry a gift? In Lithuanian, such gifts are called “lauktùvės” – something little but cute. Or perhaps keep a wild card with you. If you need to choose quickly, the answer is already written…

You can deliberately seek out a portal, but you can also end up in one. A portal can creep up on you.

Portals are the empty and vast spaces you encounter on your journey. Passages, liminal spaces, something predictable or totally unknown. They manifest when you need to slow down and change direction, or choose between multiple possibilities. Tread carefully.

People who deny the existence of dragons are often eaten by dragons. From within.

Ursula K. Le Guin, The Wave in the Mind

Panpsychic Propositions