Panpsychist propositions

Maja Kuzmanović & Nik Gaffney

Sounds and textures from the peripheries of the sensible. Unquiet matter.

How the terms ‘mind’ and ‘matter’ are abstractions which in their concreteness are identical

Peter Sjöstedt-H

Liminal disturbances and barely audible crumblings, hinting at a perpetually wavering restlessness. Stories as worlds inhabited by things that keep slipping beyond our grasp. Things lurking in the back of our mind, on the tip of our tongue, just out of reach. Stories with protagonists only known as gaps in being. The spaces they leave. Not here but not yet quite there. Dwelling on the peripheries of the sensible, speaking in glimmers, shimmers, suggestions. These stories might be felt rather than told. In sound, scent, touch, and light. The stories might be experienced at the limits of the visible spectrum, pulsing at ultraviolet or infrared frequencies. They might inhabit the radio spectrum or diverging from the spectrum of acceptable behaviours. Spectral stories, stories of cosmic spectra and planetary spectres. The folk tales of unquiet matter.