Theun Karelse

How to survive the meteorological horrors of our future climate? Some speculative, semi-practical wearable personal safety devices, from survival-engineer Martin Brolin.

Adapted from the author’s residency and research at FoAM in Brussels, 2007–2009

Hints for Young Superfolk

Many of the environments under which superheroes acquire their strengths can be easily simulated at home, and can provoke striking results. A particular resistance to an otherwise harmful substance or element can be developed through repeated exposure to the dangerous phenomenon in question. A surprising variety of concoctions may be mixed from household cleaning products, to be applied as a salve or ingested to provoke the intended results. Or treat a domestic pet or louse with one of these potions and allow oneself to be bitten or otherwise attacked to provide for full transference of the creature’s natural special abilities. Certain children might be blessed with a peculiar deformity or “special ability” that may not be immediately recognizable. Intimate self-exploration and examination are tantamount to success in this field. Questioning parents is important as well. Certain strange mutations might have occurred, unbeknownst to their unquestioning simple minds.
Chris Ware. ACME Novelty Library vol. 5 nr. 8