Popping dates

The Transform scenario features closed-loop industrial production, and there is virtually no pollution. CO2 is captured and transformed into other useful products, such as for example popping sugar. In this dish the sugar comes in a lavish chocolate coating, as a sprinkle on the sweet Mazafati dates stuffed with rough sesame tahini. A dish that metamorphoses within your mouth and a symbol of the ultra-boutiqueness of some of the Transform's gastronomy.


  • 500 g Mazafati dates
  • 1 small jar of thick (non-liquid) tahini (sesame paste)
  • a few teaspoons of chocolate-coated popping sugar


Pit the dates beforehand and keep cool and dry. Just before serving fill each date with a small amount of tahini (using a big syringe or a small teaspoon).


Spread on a large lightly coloured serving plate and prinkle the stuffed dates with popping sugar.


Dates came from a Pakistani shop in Molenbeek, Belgium. Tahini was bought in the Natural Corner organic shop and popping sugar from Mmmmh, both in Brussels, Belgium.


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